Eleanor Brennan Memorial Scholarship/Funding:

A Memorial fund has been developed in Eleanor's Memory which is held by US Pony Club and will be used to
underwrite and provide Scholarships for Instructors, and upper level Pony Clubbers to attend Instructors
Certification Programs from US Eventing and other Equestrian disciplines
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This is a program which Eleanor heartily approved of and took part in at the USPC Festival in July 2007 as a first priority on her
return to the US.  She both valued and enjoyed it, commenting afterwards
“If only we could get more instructors into this
program it would improve the base of so many young riders.”  
In turn fellow instructors valued her input:  “I met Eleanor this summer at an ICP clinic at Festival.   She was TALENTED
and Kind and a great rider and instructor.  She was the most promising person in the group, (Level II and III) and
really understood her horses.”   ICP Participant, 2007 (extracted  from USPC press briefing).
donations can be made to USPC, 4041 Ironwork Parkway, KY 40511,
checks to USPC Inc, memo Eleanor Brennan Fund

Her family and friends believe that supporting this program will  benefit not just the participants but all the young
riders they help and is the best way to allow trickle down to so many and to make a contribution to the safe
development of equestrian sports in her memory.   

BAILEY ZWEI Scholarship
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Eleanor would have been excited and very proud to know that Izzy earned a place on the 2008 Mounted Games
Team USA as captain and she sets off for Australia to compete in 5 nation championship and exchange tour on
July 9th, 08.  The weekend before Florida horse trials Ella sacrificed a weekend working with Barney and her
coach to take Izzy to a games event, because serious illness in the family prevented parents from taking Iz, and
this was a crucial part of team process of selection.  They had a fun time camping in the horse trailer and
teaching Izzy to drive these have become cherished memories, as well as a step to Aus.

Thank you to all who contributed to the fundraising for Izzy  to Aus/Team USA and for the EB memorial instructor
scholarship fund.  Thanks to all your support, in funds and hard work the team pictured left,  is funded and the
EBM fund is able to develop its support for ICP.  Look at Izzy's first blog for photos and description of the "Izzy to
Aus" fundraising party and the team training camp and check in from July 11th to 27th for updates.photo on trip
and competition

Eleanor was born  September 10, 1986 in the County of Surrey, England to Christine and Andrew, their beloved
first born daughter.

She lived in Wimbledon , London for her early years.  She moved with her family to Albemarle County, Virginia,
in the fall of 1997 where she happily attended St. Anne’s-Belfield through ninth grade.  She also joined
Mountain Skyline Pony club which  guided and consolidated her passion for horses and riding. Through her
final high school years she attended Tandem Friends School which she loved.

On her high school graduation in 2004 hitched a ride with her longtime Pony club horse Bailey Zwei to England.
She spent the next three years studying, training and competing at the highest level in her sport.  Among many
achievements were winning US Eventing area 2 advanced championship in her debut year at the level, and
achieving her cherished childhood ambition to qualify for and complete her sport's premier event, Badminton,
which she did aged 18 as its youngest ever rider.  Whilst back in the UK she was also able to spend time with
her loving grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and godparents and develop many new friendships.

In July 2007 she decided to return to her family and friends in Virginia bringing with her two event horses and
her Jack Russell terrier Zipper. She was busy setting up her training and teaching business out of Albemarle’s
Plain Dealing Farm where she had first been taught at world class level.
Eleanor Brennan Eventing
Eleanor Brennan September 10th 1986 - November 17th
in loving memory of a bright star, with a joyous soul, a
determined spirit, and a kind heart
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